Upcoming Rides/Races

March 28/15 First Saturday Ride 
March 30/15 First Monday Night Ride
May 13/15 First WNS race


Ride to Conquer Cancer
Please support the Ride to Conquer Cancer by buying a poster from rider, artist and recently famous club member Dawn Heinemeyer.

Crankmasters Race Team 2015 Plan

The idea comes up every few years that we could/should be more of a race team. The idea flounders because there is no central organizer pulling the thing together, thus a lack of focus and a quick return to an ad hoc plan thrown together 10 minutes before the race start, executed by a collection of riders with little more in common than their kit.  We are going to try something else this year.

If you are interested click here.  (pdf version)

Last Chance Qualifier Race a Raging Success; Awards Well Deserved

Welcome your new Executive Team for 2015!

President: Randy Szasz 
Vice President: Rob Haslam 
Treasurer: Glenn Miles
Website: Peter Heinemeyer
Clothing: Lloyd Ostrinsky / Dawn Heinemeyer
Race/Ride Committee: Daniel Gregoire
Wednesday Night race Series (WNS): Peter Heinemeyer

One Day Club Ride Waiver

This is for those who want to try us for a single ride before deciding to join the club (waiver).
Please print, complete and give to the leader prior to the ride.

Club Sponsors