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WNS Series 1 - Week 3: Road Race

Week 3 is another Road Race. Click the link for full details.


After a big dump of snow this morning, it looked like no fun would be had, particularly when it started hailing at the turn around while setting up the course.   :{

But 13 hardy souls showed up and put in great rides this evening, and were rewarded with a dry ride on a new course.

Thanks to all the volunteers for coming out to help, and all the riders for entertaining us this evening! 


Place First Name Last Name Club Category
1 Reid McClure NN A
2 Marc Freemantle C4 A
1 Peter Mora Speed Theory B
2 Dan Seibel Cyclemeisters B
3 Dave Donelly MEC B
4 Casey Smith Momentum B
5 George Delogos Speed Theory B
6 Cameron Clark C4 B
7 Danylo Kolos C4 B
1 Lewis Gitelman C4 C
2 Willy Van Sevenant Highwood C
3 John McClure C4 C
1 Dawn Heinemeyer C4 W
Peter Heinemeyer C4 V
Alejandro Aristizabal C4 V
Mika Anderson Velo Cafe V
Callum Galbraith C4 V

WNS Series 1 - Week 2: Plummers Road Race

Weather Update: 

Race is ON!

The rain has stopped, forecast is for cloudy and cool so bring your arm/leg warmers and ride hard. There are currently no signs of oncoming precipitation in the area.

Week 2 and we're hitting the roads for a gentle road race. I scoped out some new wickedly hilly courses, then I decided to take pity on everyone's early season legs and went with Plummers Road Race. We've raced on this road before, but this is a different twist on a scenic road.

I'll need 1-3 volunteers, let me (Callum) know if you can help out.

WNS Week 1

Here's the results for Week 1 of the Wednesday Night Series.

Thanks to everyone for coming out as well as our volunteers.

  • Paul Werbicki
  • Danylo Kolos
  • Randy Szasz
  • Peter Heinemeyer

Apparently Warren wanted a 20 minute FTP test - he got pretty close.  I have also noted a drafting prize applies to one rider who will remain unnamed.  Great night, thanks everyone!

WNS Week 1

FIRST NAME LAST NAME Category Adjusted Time
1 Warren Muir A 20.14
2 Evan Bayer A 21.31
3 Marc Freemantle A 21.59
4 glenn harris A 22.51
5 Dylan Hughes A 23.13
6 Kevin Noble A 23.18
1 dan seibel B 22.49
2 Mika Anderson B 23.07
3 Lonnie Chin B 23.10
4 clark schommer B 24.36
5 Callum Galbraith B 24.47
6 Peter Mora B 25.14
7 Dave Donnelly B 25.32
8 Kevin Bliss B 26.33
9 Alejandro Aristizabal B 26.35
10 Ken Crockett B 27.10
11 Cameron Clark B 27.27
12 Adam Ludgate B 27.54
13 mike vance B 28.20
1 Dan Alboiu C 26.26
2 Ken Erdman C 27.10
3 Keith Ingstrup C 27.41
4 Willy Van Sevenant C 27.58
5 Blake Bartlett C 28.20
6 Eric Liong C 28.48
7 Colin MacDonald C 31.20
1 Amanda Harwood C 26.32
2 Dawn Heinemeyer C 27.30


As always, we will kick off the WNS race season with week one of our classic time trial course.  Starting point will be the intersection of Woodland Road and Highway 1A / Bow Valley Trail.  Following the 1A to the northwest and turning back to find ourselves finishing on TR 262.   

Find a full description of the night's race here


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Recent Crankmasters Wednedsay Night Series News

Tonight’s Race Cancelled! 

By Glenn Miles 05/24/2017, 3:00pm MDT

The weathermen have been screaming at me to cancel for the last 2 days,

The weathermen have been screaming at me to cancel for the last 2 days, but I held off till now. If you’re disappointed, then stand outside for 60 seconds in the wind, sleet and rain just like I did. You’ll know it was the right move.

Hopefully tonight’s course won’t get washed out and will be on the schedule again soon.

So don’t let this indoor trainer opportunity escape. Dust it off, get on and ride!

Yours dryly,

Glenn Miles