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Plummers Road Race

  • May
  • 17
Plummers Road Race
  • 6:30pm MDT - 8:30pm MDT May 17th, 2017
  • Weather Update: 

    Race is ON!

    The rain has stopped, forecast is for cloudy and cool so bring your arm/leg warmers and ride hard. There are currently no signs of oncoming precipitation in the area.

    Race Description:

    We've raced against the clock, now it's time to race against each other. This week we'll be doing a road race on a new course "Plummers Road Race".

    To run this race I need at least one volunteer, but 3 would be better. If you can help please leave a comment or send me (Callum) an email.

    Parking is at the intersection of Highways 22x and 22 near Priddis. Start/finish will be at a road side field access pull out on 240th St W just south of 186th Ave W. See the location link for a map  showing both locations.

    When riding to the start, please exercise caution turning off of Hwy 22 as the intersection is at the bottom of a bill hill in each direction which means traffic will have a harder time slowing down.

    It's a bit of a drive to get there plus a 4km ride to the start, so we'll begin at 6:45 to give everyone time to ride to the start. I haven't determined start order yet, but we'll get everyone off within 5 minutes, so be ready to go at 6:45.

    Sign on will begin in the parking area and then move to the start area about 15 minutes before the start.

    The course is a 16.5km (each way) out and back on 240th St/Plummers Road. The road is mostly flat with a moderate hill near the western turn around. To give the A's and B's some extra miles they'll do 2 and 1 laps respectively of an 8km loop at the start.

    All groups will start and finish at the same place, the C's will ride out and back on this course:

    Course C 33km

    The A's and B's will start on the circuit before riding out and back. The circuit goes south for 2km on 240th St, then west 1km on RR33A, north on RR34, and back east on 186th Ave  to the starting point.

    Course A/B A: 49km, B: 41km

    The roads on the course are in mostly great condition, but maintain alertness as there are some rough patches.

    Corners 1 (SE corner) and 3 (NW corner) on the circuit are covered in gravel, we will be sweeping them off as best we can but riders should exercise caution and keep in mind that these corners are at the start, so no need to go full gas, save your efforts for the hills. C's don't need to worry as they're not riding the circuit.

    Update: Corner 1 was swept as best could be done today. It's much improved but still has a pile of gravel in the middle of the road and some dirt patches that look like a lot like pavement in the middle of the corner, so caution should still be exercised.

    There are also two noticeable potholes on the downhills. They will be marked with orange paint (or some other color if we run out of orange), but just make sure to give yourself room on the downhill to see them coming.

    But everyone should be well spread out by that point anyway after climbing the hill! :)

    Hope to see you all there.

  • Location: Highways 22x and 22 near Priddis

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