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WNS Series III Race I

  • Jul
  • 19
WNS Series III Race I
  • 6:30pm MDT - 8:30pm MDT July 19th, 2017
  • The last 5 races are brought to us by Peloton Racing!

    This week's WNS will be a TTT. Each group will consist of two riders and the winning time will be the the time of the slower rider. 
    We will start of on the Northern tip of Horizon View Road, head south towards lower Springbank then up the Chicken Road towards the Wall. Groups A and B will do two laps, Group C will do one lap. 
    The race will then head towards Westbluff Road.

    Group A/B - 26km (280m of elevation)
    Group C - 15km (180m of elevation)

    Race Start

    Sign up will start at 6:00 at the Springbank Community High School. Note: You will have to ride about 4km to the start, so make sure you have plenty of time.
    Race Start will be 6:30.

    Parking will be at the Springbank Community High School. Same place as the Sign up.

    Full TT gear allowed.

    Strava Route

  • Location: Springbank High School

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