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Welcome to Calgary Crankmasters

Stampede Road Race Rodeo!

Hello everybody! 

Calgary Crank Masters presents the 2022 Stampede Road Race Rodeo!! please go ahead and sign up in Zone4 using the following link:

Also, here is the tech guide of the race for your convenience:

2022 Registration is now open!

Happy holidays Crankys! The club would like to extend the warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. 

We would like to also inform that the 2022 registration is now open! 

Weather permitting, our annual New Year's Ride requires all riders to be properly registered for insurance purposes. 

Please click here to begin the registration process!

In addition to this, our online store is also open! In order to guarantee delivery by the end of March, orders should be made no later than Feb 13th, end of day.

Online Store



The club would like to congratulate Dawn Heinemeyer, her results in this year's Canadian Cycling Championships were exceptional! 

She managed to get 3 gold medals, smoking her competition in the following disciplines:

  • Time Trial: no easy feat as during the race, all riders were challenged with high winds and lots of rain. 
  • Road Race: full of grueling climbs - and if Dawn is saying so, we can just imagine how hard these were.
  • Criterium: as wet as the Time Trial, with a hairpin turn, and a crash.

Congratulations Dawn! Your hard work paid off, got your title / jersey back, times 3! I also have to add that it is pretty neat to see the Crankmasters colors not once, but 3 times in that podium. 


Pedalhead Bicycle Works has been one of Calgary’s premier bike shops for over 15 years. The owners of the store have extensive experience in the retail and service worlds of both bike and ski. We share a passion for both cycling and skiing and can regularly be seen out on our bikes on the roads and trails or on the slopes on our skis. 

Club President

Club President

Calgary Crankmasters Cycling Club

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