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Exploration Ave Crit

  • Jun
  • 26
Exploration Ave Crit
  • 6:30pm MDT - 9:30pm MDT June 26th, 2024
  • Please come and join us for this Fast Crit race . We will have C group start first at 6:30 then B and A groups . Parking is available along the north side of the course ,Please do not block any driveways . If you are racing in the A group, think about volunteering for the C group and the C group can volunteer for the A group . Race Format; Group C: 20 mins plus 1 Lap ,Group b :25 mins plus 1 Lap, Group A: 30 mins plus 1 Lap.
  • Location: 250 Exploration Ave SE, Calgary, AB, Canada - Start is at 235 Exploration Ave se
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