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2019 Races

WNS Series is finished for 2019!

Thanks to all the riders and volunteers for making this a great year.

Special thanks to the Speed Theory and Peloton Race teams for helping out with the Series 2 and 3 race organizing.

Click here for 2019 WNS Results Scorecard.

These are the events that our Crankys participated on, during the 2019 season.

2019 Poznan World Championships + Qualifiers!

Congratulations Dawn on your 9th place finish in the Poznan World Time Trial Championships, as well as your 10th place Road Race finish in the Poznan World championships!

We also should congratulate Dawn and Mike for qualifying for the Gran Fondo World Championships to be held in September 2020.  Dawn placed 8th out of 94 women in her category and Mike place 21st out of 237 in his category!


Road race: 

  • Michael Huizinga - 3rd 
  • Dawn Heinemeyer - 5th
  • Alejandro - 19th 
  • Adam Lee - 20th 
  • Mike Vance - 23rd 
  • Norm Smith - 31st 

Hill Climb: 

  • Dawn Heinemeyer - 3rd 
  • Michael Huizinga - 4th 
  • Alejandro - 15th 
  • Adam Lee - 16th 
  • Mike Vance - 28th 


  • Michael Huizinga - 1st 
  • Dawn Heinemeyer - 10th
  • Adam Lee - 12th 
  • Alejandro - 17th 
  • Mike Vance - 26th 


  • Michael Huizinga - 2nd 
  • Dawn Heinemeyer- 3rd 
  • Adam Lee - 13th 
  • Alejandro - 15th 
  • Mike Vance - 20th 

Stampede Road Race and Provincial Masters

Congratulations to the team! 

  • Dawn Heinemeyer: 2nd
  • Mike Vance: 8th
  • Bob Richkum: 9th
  • Norm Smith: 11th
  • Chris Hughes: 15th
  • John McClure: 23rd

2019 Nationals @ Victoria

  • Congratulations to Dawn for her 2nd place at Nationals!

Peloton Double Down Criterium

Congratulations in the Provincial Crit Championships to:

  • Tom: 6th
  • Alejandro: 11th

And congratulations on the  "No Limit Crit" to:

  • Dawn: 2nd
  • Tom: 5th
  •  Alejandro: 7th

World Qualifiers Road Race

  • Congratulations to Dawn for her 2nd place at the qualifiers!!

Alex Stieda Road Race and Criterium

Congratulations on your race:

  • Tom Bradley
  • Alejandro Arisitizabal 
  • Mike Vance 

RMCC Road Race

Road race:

  • Tom Bradley - 1st
  • Norm Smith - 27th

Hill Climb: 

  • Ryan Goldenberg - 2nd
  • Tom Bradley - 13th


  • Tom Bradley - 5th

CABC ITT Provincial Championships

Congratulation to Alejando on 6th!