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Pedalhead Bicycle Works has been one of Calgary’s premier bike shops for over 15 years. The owners of the store have extensive experience in the retail and service worlds of both bike and ski. We share a passion for both cycling and skiing and can regularly be seen out on our bikes on the roads and trails or on the slopes on our skis. 




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Alberta Laminations was created to serve the presentation needs of the business communications market with premier quality and superior service. We started small and have grown consistently each year.

This momentum has allowed us to retain top tier large clients as well as individual businesses and clients. I invite you to review the contents of our products and services offered within these pages, noting that in all cases your materials receive my “hands-on” involvement.


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Welcome to Edison School. Welcome to a centre for learning where children are encouraged to reach and grow within an emotionally supportive community. Welcome to a school that pushes students academically but never forgets to nurture creativity, curiosity, social development, and physical well-being. We welcome you to join us as we celebrate achievement and imbue a lifelong passion for learning, exploration and self-improvement.

At Edison we place an emphasis on the attitudes of our students. Developing a positive attitude towards learning, teamwork, and setting and achieving personal goals is crucial to fostering happy, well-adjusted children that will grow to become positive contributors to society. While each member of our faculty believes in our core values of academics, community and leadership, we are aware that the foundational development of positive attitude starts in the home. The Edison community works in partnership with the parents and caregivers of our students to provide support and guidance to each family.

Our rigorous academic program is complimented by strong athletics, a broad arts program, and social development through community involvement. Students from across all grades interact often, through whole-school events and inter-classroom volunteerism. A philanthropic mind-set is encouraged from a young age, and our Upper School students are required to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh program. By graduation, most of our students have completed at least one Advanced Placement course, with many high school graduates entering university with nearly a full semester of university credit (some of our past graduates have successfully completed a full year of university credit).

Our curriculum has been refined through years of experience, and we are constantly striving to improve upon our strong foundations. National core requirements are fulfilled and built upon; we currently teach the Singapore Math Programme and our Language Arts program is comprehensive and expansive. Vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing are taught from kindergarten through grade twelve, and language development is further supported through other core courses such as Social Studies. A broad and growing range of elective courses are offered, and students’ individual interests are fostered and developed.

Edison was founded in 1993 by parents who were concerned with the development of their children as whole people. Today, we still work to achieve this goal. Every aspect of a child’s development is considered and respected, and we support our students to grow into confident, motivated leaders who will always respect the value of learning and community.

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Apollo Muffler (1969) and Speedy Brake (1978) were established to serve the need for competitively priced, no appointment, brake and muffler repair and installation to a growing population in Calgary. Since that time, the advantages and services of Apollo and Speedy have steadily increased to keep up with changing trends in our business. Many of our locations now offer full automotive, service and repair bays that take advantage of the latest technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, enabling us to maintain the highest level of quality in repairs and maintenance to all makes of vehicles. 

Friendly Faces

People who really care. The owner/operator of each store works on location, so you can always count on friendly, prompt service. Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres employ only the most experienced, trained and licensed technical experts who will maintain the high standards of service you expect. Our suppliers maintain a large inventory of the highest quality products so we can guarantee performance and dependability of parts for your peace of mind when repairing safety-related components such as brakes, steering and suspension. 

A Solid Reputation

An impressive roster of clients relies on our experience and dependable service to maintain or repair their fleets. We offer commercial credit accounts with great volume-based discounts. 

Where And When You Need Us

The convenience of eight easily accessible Calgary locations means we are only a short drive from most areas within the city. Repairs while you wait assure that you will be back on the road in the shortest amount of time while our courtesy cars allow you flexibility for repairs that may require a little more time. Flexible hours help you to plan your visit around your schedule and if necessary, we can arrange pick-up and delivery of vehicles or a courtesy car.